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You have many options to consider when determining who to turn to for guidance on financial planning and investment advice as well as assistance in preparing your income tax return in the most optimal manner for your specific financial situation.  Why should you choose Garafano Wealth & Tax Management, LLC?

That answer is easy…at Garafano Wealth & Tax Management, LLC. we take the time to get to know you, your goals, hopes and dreams, and work with you individually to move toward achieving them.  From the minute you walk into our offices, you are made to feel valued; just like an old friend.  If your appointment is for your tax return, Joe takes the time to get to know you, your family and specifics that compromised the previous tax year to optimize your income tax return.  And your time does not end there.  Your income tax preparation fee includes more than just one appointment; Joe follows up with you as needed and continues working with you until your federal and state income tax returns are completed to full satisfaction.

Most of our clients also continue their business relationship throughout the remainder of each year with our financial planning services.  Whether they are planning for their retirement, investing in their children’s college fund, or planning for the future with the purchase of life or long-term care insurance, Joe’s expertise and integrity are top notch.  Joe works with each individual, couple, family or small business owner in determining the best options for their unique financial planning needs. Within our financial planning practivce, helping new clients determine their current financial goals and to think about what their financial dreams are for the future is the first step in creating a strategy to help clients achieve these goals. Together, Joe works with each client to make those dreams a reality.

As a team, Joe and June work together in a unique manner when providing guidance to clients who have recently left their employer and are looking for a new job.  Joe provides advice and guidance on 401(k) and 403(b) plan rollovers to an IRA and June utilizes her extensive experience in Human Resources to provide clients with a review of their resume and some interviewing and networking skills advice during the job search process.

Through these various value-added services that you will receive at Garafano Wealth & Tax Management, LLC. along with the personalized service, your choice is able to be quite simple…why would you choose any other firm to handle your income tax preparation and financial planning needs?

Garafano Wealth &
Tax Management, LLC.

Marlton Location and Mailing Address:

901 Old Marlton Pike West - Suite A7
Marlton NJ 08053

(located on Old Marlton Pike - parallel to Route 70 - between Republic Bank and Starbucks/Pizza Hut)

Office & Cell: 609-506-5970
email: joseph@garafanowealth.com

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